Monday, November 12, 2012

Welcome to The Traveled Toddler

Its time to get started!  If your here, and wondering what this is... well, its a blog.

A Blog about what though?

Its a blog about our adventures traveling with our Toddler.  We will call him B around here, and at this point, he is 19 months old and keeps us busy.

Our plan is to blog about our experience preparing for, and taking him on a Cruise in September.  We hope that this can be a resource for those looking to do the same, and we hope we can gather information from all over the web and make it available to you!

This will be both a written blog, and a Video Blog.  The first video will have to wait for my new VBlog camera to come in.

Its gonna be a little slow to start, but the closer to January we get, the more you will see, as we will be "Testing the waters" of travel with a Toddler by taking a 10 day vacation to Hawaii in January.

Stay tuned, feel free to participate, and I hope you find this useful!!

Aloha for now!

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