Monday, July 15, 2013

Hawaii with a Toddler Part 3

Its Maui Time!

For the 2nd part of our trip, and the majority of our time in Hawaii, we were on the Island of Maui.  We were here specifically to spread the ashes of little B's Grandpa and N's Dad at the summit of of Mt Haleakala.  I'll get to that more later.
We LOVED Maui.  Its an amazing place, and we spent time finding little out-of-the-way places to be. 
On with the details!


The flight from Honolulu to Maui is only about 45 minutes, and on arrival, we had a silly little boy!  When we left Oahu, it was sunny and gorgeous!  However, by the time we landed in Maui, we could see the skys starting to darken.  By the time we made it to the rental car place, that darkening sky had turned into quite the thunderstorm!


By the time we got everything settled and in the car, we realized we were STARVING!  So, in search of food we went.  Now, the main airport on Maui is in Kahului, so we hopped on Yelp to find close places.  We ended up at a place called "Da Kitchen" and I was given my first introduction to what would become an obsession for me.  Loco Moco!
This is a less than traditional example called the Kamakazi Moco.  This example has a bed of Rice, topped with Teryaki Beef (YUM), Katsu Chicken, and Teryaki Chicken, topped with a Fried Egg... YUMMY!!!!
You'll see more traditional Loco Moco's the rest of the trip.  Regardless, this place had AMAZING food!!


After dinner, and a quick wal-mart stop for diapers and beer, we headed to the hotel.  We stayed at 2 places on the island, and first was the Ritz Carlton Kapalua.  This was a pretty spectacular hotel!  If you have never stayed at a Ritz, the level of service is amazing!  Never a frown or glum face.  Always a smile and a willingness to chat.  We never felt rushed or like we were a bother!
I wish I had taken better pictures of the hotel, but this is the view from the lobby out over the pools and down to the beach.  I think I'll just have to go back to get those pictures :)  I'll do a full review of the hotel in its own post!

Our first full day on Maui

In my opinion, the ONLY way to start your morning in Maui?

LOCO MOCO!!!  This is the real deal here.  A bed of rice, with a hamburger patty, gravy, and a fried egg on top!  MEGA YUM!  We picked this beauty up at the Honolua Store in Kapalua.  This is about a 3 minute walk from the Ritz Lobby.  Its an ABC store (lots of stuff from snack food to tourist stuff) but also has a carry out restaurant in the back.  They have picnic tables setup outside to eat on as well.  This was a great way to start your morning.  Cool breeze, good food, and NOT expensive!
The rest of the Family joined us this morning for breakfast and we all talked about the plans for the day.  We didn't have any family group plans for today, so everyone was on their own.
As I noted in the travel posts, we had an issue with our rental car, so we spend the rest of the morning returning it, and getting a better ride for the rest of our trip.


After getting the rental car all settled, we needed lunch!  Cue The Fish Market in Lahaina.  YUMMY!!!  I had a seered Ahi Tuna sandwich and oyster shooters!!  Amazing fresh fish.  Its a tiny place though!


After lunch, we decided to check out Old Lahaina.  We parked across from Hilo Hatties and hopped in there to take a look
A 200XL shirt... teehee!  After this shop, we walked through the shopping district and headed tword the Banyan tree.  I was in search of a wide brimmed hat to help keep the sun out of my eyes, and we wanted to just see what there was to be seen.  The Banyan tree was AMAZING!  What a HUGE plant!
We then walked back to the car, managed to find a little natural beauty product store that actually sold men's  shave cream and aftershave balm (traditional shaving is another hobby of mine) and that was neat.  It was getting late, so back to the hotel to figure out dinner!

Dinner and Beer in Maui

The entire family decided to join us at the Maui Brewing Company for dinner.  We really enjoyed this.  This is some REALLY fine beer, and their sample "Flight" was very well done.  The food was typical brewpub fare with burgers, salads, sandwiches, and fried foods.  All very well done and delicious!
I wanted to point out 2 specific beers to try if you can.  Specifically the Ba'Actun (sp) and their Scotch Ale (both seasonal).  They were OUTSTANDING beers.  On regular tap is their Coconut Porter.  Don't be scared of the name... this is a FANTASTIC beer, with the coconut adding a nutty flavor that balanced very well.
We tried our hardest to get them to ship some beer home for us, but alas, they would not.  This alone is reason enough to go BACK!

Thats the end of our first day in Maui, and enough for this post.  Stay tuned for the account of the rest of the trip!

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