Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hawaiian Vacation Toddler Tips and Tricks

I know some of you won't care about the gory details of our trip to Hawaii, but may what to learn from our experience   So, I have deiced to do a shortened "Tips and Tricks" post here to give you all of the best and most useful information based on what we learned.

Lets do this as a Top 10 List!! That should  be fun!

Yep, RANDOM B Picture!

Top 10 Tips and Tricks for Hawaii with a Toddler

  1. Baby Wearing
    1. No need for a stroller if you strap baby to your back and go!  Its great for vacations, and B LOVED IT!  We used a Becco Butterfly 2
  2. Pearl Harbor Restrictions - KNOW THEM!
    1. No Bags (diaper, camera, purse, etc)
    2. No Strollers
    3. Under 4 not allowed on the Bowfin
    4. You CAN buy a bag in the gift shop to put your stuff in and carry that around
  3. Valet Parking is a wonderful thing!
    1. Sleeping baby?  No worry, pull up to the door
    2. Let your Toddler do the tipping!
    1. You will probably end up somewhere without a changing table!
    2. A LOT of planes do not have a place to change your little one!
  5. Call ahead for a Crib or Pack and Play
    1. Many hotels will have these available for you, call and ask!
    2. If not, there are services on the islands that rent them for reasonable fee!
  6. Pea Pod FTW!
    1. This little portable bed is a great option for naps anywhere, or for a place to sleep in the hotel or condo!  
    2. Great alternative to a Pack and Play
    3. A Shady spot on the beach!
  7. Flotation Devices - bring um!
    1. A Floaty swimsuit is a great help for a nervous swimmer (not a life saving device!)
    2. An Infant PFD can help keep your toddler safe!
  8. Divide and Conquer!
    1. This works great at the airport.  If you can't all board early (even if you want to), then ask about ONE of you boarding early/first to get the car seat setup, or ditch carry-ons while the other parent or friend entertains the toddler until the last minute!
  9. Dollar Store Time Killers!
    1. Go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of cheap, simple toys.   Wrap each in colorful paper.  Every time you need a distraction for baby (like on the plane!) bring out a "present".  Not only do you get the joy of opening, but then they have a BRAND NEW toy to play with!
  10. Remember, your little one is going to take their cues from you!  If your happy and smiling, they are much more likely to be the same.  If your grumpy and short with people... they will be to!  Your on vacation, so enjoy!
A few other miscellaneous items that didn't make the "Top 10":

  • Double check your car seat's fit at the car rental place.  We ended up having to return a Chevy Impala because our seat didn't fit, and that cut out a big chunk of our next day.
  • A Car Seat Travel Cart turns your Car Seat into a stroller!  This worked great!
  • Pack some easy snacks for either car travel or air travel.  Baggies of Cereal or Crackers worked great!! So did squeeze pouches of Apple Sauce!
  • Dum-Dum suckers as a treat for good behavior!  These also were awesome for takeoff and landing, as the sucking can help keep their ears comfortable!
I hope these were helpful!!  If you do want to check out more detailed accounts of our trip, start here:

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