Friday, August 1, 2014

Upcoming Trip - Chicago "Train Day" Trip

I know its been quiet around here.  We've focused on spending time at home in our amazing community and on our local lake this Summer, so not much travel.

However, tomorrow, we will be headed to Chicago for a day trip on the train.  B loves trains... that doesn't really describe it well... he L O V E S trains.... probably his most favorite thing in existence!

Our Plan?

Take the Amtrak up to Union Station in the morning
Take Public Transportation to the Museum of Science and Industry for there 2 train displays
Take Public Transportation (including a train) to a hobby shop and buy B his first model train set
Take the Amtrak back home.

Its a long day, but lots of trains, and no driving!!  I can't wait!  And I'll document what we learn about train travel with a toddler right here!!